Jiaogulan – Herb of Immortality 

Jiaogulan is known as the herb of Immortality which is mostly found in China. The residents of china consumed this herb with tea which adds many advantages for same. Scientific name of this herb is known as Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, which belongs to bottle guard and cucumber family. You will come across with many health benefits which help them to save from major diseases and maintain their health properly. This herb is regarded as one of the best anti-aging, antioxidant and anti-cancer agent. It can be easily consumed twice a day which will not leave any side effects in the body.

Benefits of this Herb

1. It helps in regulating the level of cholesterol in the body and saves the person from heart diseases.

2. It helps in regulating the level of blood pressure in the body and maintains the health of the person in the best way.

3. This herb is best for digestion purpose where it helps in reducing the problem of constipation along with helping the person to get rid of gastric related diseases like ulcers.

4. This herb is good for heart patients where it helps to clear the pathways in the arteries and regulate the proper blood flow.

5. This herb is helpful in boosting the immune system where it helps the person to fight with common diseases like cold and cough.

6. It is also helpful in increasing the Stamina in the body through which person are ready to take more workouts along with work in their office.

7. This herb is best for skin as it helps the person to recover their damaged cell again by increasing the glow in the skin. In short it helps repair the damaged cell which is due to many factors in the daily life. It also protects the skin from ultra violet radiation.

8. This herb is also best in removing the stress and tension from the body along with mind and makes them energetic and fresh ready to take up any kind of work in present as well as in future.

9. This herb is regarded as best medicine for weight loss where it cut down many calories from food which you intake regularly.

10. This herb is also useful in curing respiratory diseases which are mostly faced by person in today’s era.

Thus these are the main benefits of the Herb of Immortality which person can get in many fields, if he uses this jiaogulan herb as it should be used.