Jiaogulan tea has numerous health benefits. It is an herbal tea with no side effects. It is famous and well-known for its ability to prolong life.

If you are interested in knowing how this herb can be useful for you, then read on:

  1. For Energy – There are evidences to prove that 2 cups of Jiaogulan Tea helps you going for the whole day with full energy and good stamina.
  2. For Immunity –If you are having Jiaogulan tea since childhood, your body immunity is high. It helps protect from bacteria, virus, cold and even cancer.
  3. For Digestion –As per experts, Jiaogulan tea protects the gastrointestinal tract from toxins present in the food we eat and prevents ulcers. Also, Jiaogulan tea is a natural remedy for constipation.
  4. For Good Heart – This tea prevents the blocking of arteries, which when left untreated lead to heart attack.
  5. For Mood – Jiaogulan tea relaxes you and reduces your daily stress and anxiety. Hence, indirectly helps in improving your productivity.
  6. For Weight Loss – A cup of Jiaogulan tea cuts down on your calories every day and helps you in losing weight. It also gives you add-on energy to exercise which further helps you in weight reduction.
  7. For Good Night Sleep – We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep. If you drink a cup of Jiaogulan tea 30 minutes before your sleep time, it helps you in getting a better sleep.
  8. For Skin – Drinking Jiaogulan regularly reduces cellular damage in our body which slows down the signs of aging.
  9. Diabetes – Jiaogulan tea regulates your blood glucose level and produces the right amount of insulin in your body.

Jiaogulan tea brewing and preparation steps

You can prepare Jiaogulan tea by two methods – Decoction and Infusion. These are the most natural and basic ways of preparing Jiaogulan tea from the leaves. You can also prepare the tea using Jiaogulan tea bags easily available in the jiaogulan tea store.

Infusion method is when you put boiling water on top of Jiaogulan leaves placed in a teapot, to brew. Ensure that you use a pot which has enough space for the leaves to expand. The leaves take about 5-10 minutes to brew. If you use this method, you can reuse the leaves multiple times. For best health results and flavor, use spring or pure water rather than using normal tap water.

Decoction method is the one in which you boil the Jiaogulan leaves in water to brew. You can simmer cinnamon or cloves also while you boil the Jiaogulan leaves to add to their flavor. It is boiled ideally for 2-5 minutes but the rest depends on your taste.

You can brew the Jiaogulan leaves in the direct sun also. Just place the leaves and water in a glass pot, cover it and leave under direct sun for about an hour. You can prepare a jar full of tea in the morning and then refrigerate it to continue using it all through the day.

Jiaogulan can be utilized in many different ways as per your choice. Some like to have a stronger flavor of it while some prefer lighter. Due to its large number of benefits, it is advised to be taken regularly.

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